Piece of Hart: What show are you currently binging?


Quarantine has provided some extra time to watch new TV shows. / Artwork by Kyla Jones

The staff of The Smoke Signal was curious about what television shows the Hart student body is currently binge-watching during their free time. We asked four students from different grade levels about what they are binge-watching now and recorded their responses.

“Right now, I’m binging the first season of Stranger Things so when the new season comes out later this year, I’ll be all caught up,” said freshman Eva Gribbons.

“I’m binging Adventure Time for the second time! I haven’t watched it since the finale and it’s a really fun, creative show,” said sophomore Bella Shean.

“I’ve been binging Attack on Titan recently!” said junior Mia Menzano.

“I’m currently binging a German T.V. show on Netflix called Dark. It’s a really underrated show!” said senior Kekoa Huihui-Andrew.