25/10/2022. London, United Kingdom. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak arrives in Downing Street. Picture by Lauren Hurley / No 10 Downing Street
Rishi Sunak elected United Kingdom Prime Minister amidst political turmoil
Timothy Phan, News Editor • November 16, 2022

Rishi Sunak has become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after political turmoil caused the resignations of both Borish Johnson and Liz Truss in a 50-day span. Sunak won leadership of the party after Johnson announced...

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Blood moon makes its last appearance for the next three years
Katherine Anderson, Features Editor • November 8, 2022

242,740 miles away, the Moon, at the peak of its eclipse, appeared a reddish-orange color. The last total eclipse for the next three years took place November 8 and is known as a blood moon, a product of the light of Earth’s...

Steve Bannon in 2018. Photo taken by Elekes Andor.
Steve Bannon convicted for criminal contempt of Congress
Jacob Buhle, Staff Writer • November 7, 2022

Steve Bannon, once a political advisor for former President Trump, has been sentenced to four months in incarceration and fined $6,500 for criminal contempt of Congress, which is the act of intentionally interfering with...

Image from Wikimedia Commons
Ancient Dia De Los Muertos traditions continue
Noah Maradiga, Staff Writer • October 14, 2022

Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos, otherwise known as Day of the Dead, is the celebration of our deceased relatives. Once every year, this special holiday is celebrated. Well over 3,000 years ago, the Aztec...

The lack of funding for school programs raises concerns
Avery Tracy, Opinion Editor • September 29, 2022

As the school year moves along at Hart High School, there are increased advertisements for fundraisers. Many of the time these are displayed during the school's announcements, Hart TV; however,  the sheer...

Image from Noah Maradiga
Hart remembers Larry Fiscus
Noah Maradiga, Staff Writer • September 16, 2022

September 10, 2022, Hart High School gathered in the campus gym in memorium of the late Larry Fiscus. The event opened with a small and impactful statement by principal D’Autremont. In said statement,...

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The 2023 Grammy Nominations fell flat
Addison Seegmiller, Copy Editor • November 18, 2022

November 15, the Grammy nominations were announced and it's safe to say that the big categories were easy to predict. All of the songs and albums that were nominated this year were from the popular artists of 2022 like Harry...

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Would you eat only peanut butter and jelly for the rest of your life if you were paid a million dollars?


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The problem with “breaking news”

The raw meat diet is not only disgusting, it is dangerous

September 27, 2022

I don't understand people who decide to go on a raw meat diet and enjoy it. So, people like Brain Johnson,...

Is football worth the risk?

September 16, 2022

Football has been a sport for over a century now, and many people have wondered if the sport is safe...

My beef with veganism

September 15, 2022

Vegans, people whose diet excludes the consumption of animal products completely, are a group that is...

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Kathryn Stoffel, Staff Writer | November 30, 2022

With the end of Hart’s fall season for sports this year, many seniors say goodbye to their time playing for the school. Girls’ volleyball, girls’ tennis, girls’ golf, cross country and football have all ended as the winter season begins.  Football player Dom Michel, number 15, has played for Hart for three years. “Football at Hart has built my forever long relationships with my boys,”...

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Breeze Aguilar, Editor in chief | November 29, 2022

The Big Four needs a major update; football is eh, hockey is okay, basketball is great, but baseball is seriously lacking. The only solution, in my opinion, is to completely eradicate baseball from popular culture and replace it with my new sport: ragtag. Ragtag, put simply, is tag that must use equal parts teamwork, stamina, speed, strength and gravity defiance. In ragtag, there is a tower with...

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The NHL skates into its 106th season

Kaelin Daniel, Staff Writer | November 28, 2022

The National Hockey League kicked off its season October 7, 2022. The regular season began with fans filling up the stadiums all over the country, supporting the 32 NHL teams. The Nashville Predators and the San Jose Sharks kicked off the season opening night with the Predators taking the victory over the Sharks in a 4-1 win. Many players are on track to have standout seasons. Connor McDavid, a...

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Senior Farewell: Audrey Miller
Audrey Miller, Copy Editor • May 27, 2022

Farewell Hart, I’ve spent four years of my life here, or at least three years if you count being online. Three years may not seem like a...

Senior Farewell: Benjamin Haslam
Benjamin Haslam, Head Copy Editor • May 27, 2022

Dear Hart (and by extension, Journalism), Honestly, this wasn’t what I expected. Let’s go year by year. Freshman year: I was thrust...

Senior Farewell: Ellie Wrage
Ellie Wrage, Opinion Editor • May 27, 2022

Dear Hart High,  Congratulations on having the most restrooms out of the Hart District high schools. Before freshman year, I made the switch...

Senior Farewell: Luke Bourgeois
Luke Bourgeois, Layout Editor • May 27, 2022

Dear Hart,  Thank you for the journey. I remember walking into the campus for the first time as a starry-eyed eighth grader thinking about...

Senior Farewell: Sophia Reeder
Sophia Reeder, Copy Editor • May 27, 2022

Farewell hart high school! i has't did attend this school f'r four years, and has't did enjoy.  some of t.  I has't madeth most wondrous companions,...

Kyle Brill poses with a grin after completing a swim meet. / Photo used with permission from Kyle Brill.
Kyle Brill signs to swim for UCSB
Breeze Aguilar, Backpage Editor • March 15, 2021

August 2020, Hart senior Kyle Brill committed to swim Division I at UC Santa Barbara, following a 15 year journey in the water. The journey began...

On to New York! After considering many offers, Justin Curtis signs to continue his football career at Wagner College. / Photo used with permission from Justin Curtis.
Justin Curtis commits to play D-1 football at Wagner College
Nicole Felici, Editor in Chief • March 15, 2021

Hart senior Justin Curtis officially signed to play Division I football with Wagner College. After receiving more than 25 football scholarship...

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