Artist of the Issue: Justin Reid


Justin Reid (top left) gives his all in a performance for Hart show choir. / Picture published with permission from Justin Reid.

Justin Reid, a senior at Hart, is currently a part of the Advanced Mixed Choir, Sound Vibrations, the Advanced Men’s Choir, Unleashed, the all-male a capella group, HartThrobs and the advanced a capella group, Hartbeat. He is also the President of Unleashed. However, prior to sophomore year, Reid had no experience when it came to singing and dancing. 

“During my freshman year, I attended quite a few Show Choir concerts and shows, and I mean every time I would watch a group perform on stage, I would constantly say to myself that I wish I was on stage performing with them,” said Reid.

After some convincing from his friends, Reid gained the courage to audition for the Hart Show Choir Program before his sophomore year, where he was placed into the Intermediate Mixed Choir, Hart N’ Soul. Since then, he has worked hard in order to improve in all aspects of performing and has seen much improvement. 

One thing Reid regrets is not joining the program sooner. During eighth grade, he auditioned for the following year but ultimately decided to pursue sports and other activities.

“If there is one regret I have most in high school, it is not doing show choir for four years because truly performing has changed my life, and so have all of the people I have met and became friends with along the way,” Reid said.

To prospective students, Reid explains that everyone should go and audition for the show choir program, no matter how much experience they have. Not only has he improved his performance skills since joining, he learned that your limits and growth are all determined by the amount of work you decide to put in. Through every rehearsal, audition and performance, Reid has accomplished many achievements as a performer.

“I promise you, once you are on stage for the first time, and you finally get to feel the heat of the lights on your face, hear the cheering and excitement of the crowd and getting to make music and dance with others, you will thank yourself for auditioning,” said Reid.