Superman and Lois provides a fresh take on the classic couple (spoiler-free review)


Clark Kent and Lois Lane return to television in CW’s Superman and Lois. / Artwork by Kyla Jones

Name a more iconic hero than Superman. Superman has been America’s favorite pastime since the sixties—which means that if Superhero Fatigue is a thing, Superman Fatigue even more so. Superman has been reincarnated countless times in countless forms: Smallville, Lois and Clark, animated shows, etc.

However, Superman and Lois approaches Superman in a unique way: this time, he’s a father. While that may not seem like a particularly innovative twist, in the context of previous Superman shows, it is exactly what the franchise needed. Previous iterations have hinted at themes of fatherhood: in Lois and Clark’s (1993-1997) final episode, Lois and Clark are shown to adopt a child, and themes of fatherhood and legacy pervade Smallville. Superman and Lois, on the other hand, has family at its core.

The presence of Superman’s two new sons adds an unexpected—and needed—dynamic. Without their introduction, yet another Superman show might have been trite. However, now, the show is able to approach common superhero tropes through a new perspective. Superman has always had to make quick exits in order to save the world, but now his actions affect the family’s dynamic.

There are references to past series and other shows in the Arrowverse, but the viewers needn’t have seen them to understand the story at hand. In fact, of those shows, Superman and Lois has had the least crossover so far. Sure, the characters have appeared before in crossover events, but no other characters have appeared in the show. Plus, thus far, Superman and Lois is much better written than other CW shows.

Superman and Lois has proved itself to be a breath of fresh air in the Superman franchise. I would rate it 4 out of 5.

As of March 15, three of the season’s 15 episodes have been aired. There will be a pause after the fifth episode, after which the remaining ten episodes will run consecutively without breaks. The show has already been renewed for a second season.