Girls’ Soccer are champions once again


Hart Girls Soccer was talented enough to not only make it to CIF this season, but become the champions as well. After winning against Westlake on February 17, 2023, they were admitted to the finals. February 24, 2023, the athletes continued by defeating Harvard-Westlake. This granted them the position of the CIF SS D2 champions.

The team is moving on to CIF Regionals and will be competing at Hart against El Camino.

Despite how big of an accomplishment making it to CIF was, part of it was anticipated in a way.

“We were excited but I think we had a lot of good players this year so I kind of expected it,” says Ayla Noble.

Considering the skill of the players, a few of the games were difficult but yielded very rewarding results.

“When we beat Saugus here, it was a really good game. And when we went against Troy High School, it was one of our best games yet. Everyone was satisfied because we all played to our best ability,” says Isa Magee.

Such a competitive season fostered a sense of community among players on the team. Many of them felt extremely close to one another, building bonds that could last a lifetime.

“10 out of 10. It was really fun. The pasta nights before home games were super fun,” said junior Ariana Salvador.

However, all good things come to an end. Multiple players expressed some sort of grief regarding the idea of the seniors, in particular, leaving.

“I’m definitely going to miss all the seniors on the team. More than two thirds of the team was seniors. I’m glad this was their last season and last year because the team felt united as one and was very determined to make it far,” says Magee.