The World Cup begins this November for the first time since 2018

November 20 at eight a.m., the World Cup will kick off. Qatar will go up against Ecuador for the first match of the tournament. The World Cup generator predicts that Ecuador will win their match with Qatar, and move on to their next opponent.

Brazil — a historic fan favorite — will take on their first opponent of the tournament, Serbia,  November 24 at 11 a.m. Some fans hope that early matches will determine if Brazil will go up against their rival team Argentina,  led by Lionel Messi, who helped Argentina qualify for this year’s World Cup.

As some fans know, Argentina started their rivalry with Brazil long before soccer. The two countries have had conflicts throughout history, including the Cisplatine war back in the early 1820s.  Since warfare is not exactly an option in the modern age anymore, they use soccer matches to continue the rivalry they have with each other. Instead of fighting one another on the battlefield, they fight it out on the soccer field.

Another famous rivalry is between Portugal and Spain. Portugal and Spain’s rivalry is one of the oldest soccer rivalries that started December 19, 1921 when Portugal went up against Spain in a soccer match, and lost miserably to them with a ratio of 0-3. Their rivalry is called The Iberian Derby and has been going on since 1581, long before soccer was even invented, with both countries having wars against each other. They used to be fighting for colonial power, now they just battle in soccer games. Both teams have met up with one another 40 times in the world cup, resulting with Spain winning 17 matches while Portugal won only 6 matches and has 17 draws.

The World Cup has been going on since 1930, sixty-seven years after soccer was invented (1863).