Sports Med students keep Hart athletes happy and healthy

Sports medicine is becoming more and more popular with the students at Hart. Sports med teaches students how to treat injuries caused by high levels of activity. 


Students in sports med have said that they love how interactive the class is. Former student Mya Lopez says , “ I love the program. It’s a great way to learn because of how hands-on it is.” The students really respond to the teacher, Joshua Masmela. This will be Masmela’s first year teaching at Hart. 


Lopez said, “ He is a newer teacher, but he is one of the best because of how approachable he is, and how he communicates well with his students,” he sets a good example for the class and they appreciate it. The interactive part of class is when Masmela is most helpful, Lopez adds, ”He also demonstrates what he teaches very well, and he offers helpful criticism.” 


Sports med in action is when the students actively work at Hart sports games and practices. The students stand by in case anyone gets injured they can provide medical attention right away. They also help athletes prevent injuries from ever happening at all.


Sports medicine is a good program for those who are pursuing a career in the medical field. Lopez says, “And it’s a really fun community to be a part of.”