The MLB Playoffs are set and ready to get running

As of Thursday October 6, the MLB playoffs standings are locked in. In the American League, the Yankees clinched the AL East division with 99 wins and 62 losses. The Yankees are looking very likely to go far this postseason with the help of their hot-hitter Aaron Judge, who just set the record of most home runs hit by an American League player with 62 home runs. 

Also in the AL East we have the Toronto Blue Jays with 92 wins and 70 losses, and the Tampa Bay Rays with 86 wins and 76 losses, both clinching the Wild Card game. 


In the AL Central, the Cleveland Guardians clinched the division with 92 wins and 70 losses. They are looking good and may be a threat this postseason. 

In the AL West we have the Houston Astros leading the pack with 106 wins and 56 losses, another team likely to go far this postseason.

Also in the AL West we got the Seattle Mariners clinching the Wild Card with 90 wins and 72 losses. 


Moving on to the National League in the NL East, we got the reigning champs, the Atlanta Braves with 101 wins and 61 losses. Now the question is will they be able to repeat what they did last year ?

Also in the AL West we have the New York Mets with 101 wins and 61 losses and the Philadelphia Phillies with 87 wins and 75 loses, both clinching the Wild Card.

In the NL Central we have the Cardinals with 93 wins and 69 losses, cinching the division.


In the NL West, the Los Angeles Dodgers end the season with 111 wins and 51 loses clinching the division. 

The Dodgers are looking like the eventual champs the way they played this season. 

Also in the NL West we have the San Diego Padres clinching the Wild Card game with 89 wins and 73 losses. This wraps up the 2022-2023 MLB season.