Girls Tennis starts the season bouncing


The Hart girls’ tennis team has started preparing for their upcoming season with a successful match against Ventura High School on August 23, 2022. Team captains Bella Galoostian and Teagan Heinze led the team to victory with a final score of 11-7. 

Both captains are optimistic for the upcoming season after their victory. “We have so much talent on the team and determination to win,” said co-captain Bella Galoostian. She places Hart’s success on the friendships within the team and their ability to play well with every teammate. “I believe in our bond to make us stronger than other teams,” Galoostian said.

Heinze agrees the team’s success springs from a strong bond and determination and sees this pre-league match as a good starting point to arrange the team to its full potential. “We did amazingly well and it was a good first pre-season match to start figuring out the shape of the team,” said co-captain Teagan Heinze. After seeing everyone play in a competitive setting as a team for the first time, Heinze believes the team’s strengths lie in aggressive shots and the ability to “play without fear”. “We have talent all over in singles, doubles, at net and playing back,” said Heinze. 

The captains’ attitudes are reflected in the rest of the team as they feel confident entering the 2022 fall season.