NFL Draft comes to an end

The NFL draft is an annual event that contains seven rounds which serves as a league’s most common source of player recruitment. The NFL draft first round started April 28, 2022 and took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was hosted by Mike Greenberg.

With the first round picks in the draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Travon Walker, former Georgia defensive end. The second pick went to the Detroit Lions, who selected Aidan Hutchinson, also a defensive end from Michigan. The Houston Texans selected Derek Stringley Jr., a cornerback from Louisiana State University (LSU). The New York Jets picked Ahmad Gardner, another cornerback from Cincinnati as the fourth pick in the draft,and with the fifth pick in the draft, the New York Giants drafted defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux from Oregon. 

The NFL doesn’t always focus on the ranking of players getting recruited. They also focus on shocking and surprising drafts happening. One of those shocking drafts was the Patriots’ pick, Cole Strange who was a top rank for one of the best drafts according to NCSports. Strange is expected to fill in the Patriots left guard spot. He shows that he can use his skills to his advantage when he is out in front of the defensive linemen. Strange is six foot five and 307 pounds and he is known to make good use of his superior traits. 

“Strange stays patient and does not overcommit to a side he stays very low engages and slides over to stand to his ground,” said Seth Welder of ESPN 

The NFL draft is an opportunity to see what new rookie athletes will become rising stars and take the spotlight as years go by.