Athlete of the Issue: Sarah Bradder


Reprinted with permission from Sarah Bradder

Sarah Bradder has been a cheerleader at Hart for all four years of high school and has been cheerleading since she was eight years old for SCV All-Stars. In stunts, she is a back spot, which means she helps keep flyers in the air and catches them at the end of their stunts. She is also a tumbler and performs a variety of tricks such as back handsprings and more advanced gymnastics including layouts and fulls during football or basketball games. 

Sarah’s coach at Hart, Mrs. Wanjon, shared how Bradder is a skilled and caring athlete.

“Sarah is one of the most hardworking and respectful athletes I have ever encountered in my years as a coach. She cares about the success of her team, rather than herself as an individual. Aside from her work ethic, she is extremely talented and continuously pushes herself to be the best she can be,” Wanjon said.  

Sarah has enjoyed her experience as a Hart cheerleader.

“Being a part of the cheer team at Hart has definitely created some of my favorite memories throughout high school and I’ve always loved cheering on the football team alongside the rest of the school. I love how many traditions Hart has and how we try to make everything fun while also bringing out the school spirit in everyone,” Sarah said. 

She shared her favorite parts of this cheerleading season specifically, saying that she loved being able to do fun things outside of practices with her teammates. Bradder also shared how Hart beating Valencia was a memorable moment that meant a lot to her.

“My favorite part [of cheerleading season this year] was definitely when the football team beat Valencia and the whole school stormed on the field. This was so memorable because I’ve watched as we get so close [to winning] but lose every year. [I also] had a brother who played football at Hart before I [went here] and watched him [continuously] lose against Valencia,” Bradder said. 

As for her current cheering goals and future in cheerleading, Bradder would like to cheer for a college football team, and “would love the experience [of being] a part of a big football school, Bradder said. She is currently doing more research on that to see what her options are and what that process is like.