What do football fans do after football is over for the year?

Football season has come to the end and the die hard football fans are devastated. Having nothing to watch on the morning Sundays, not being able to lay back, hang out and enjoy their team or other people’s teams play one another. 

Americans all around love football season. They make this sport a part of them, like their prized possession. They also love trash talking to their rival, seeing their team fight to the playoffs, hoping their team makes it to the Super Bowl. Many can just love football season for the Super Bowl, for the performances or even for the commercials. Fans that football their life. They rewatch games from the season or watch seasons from two to three years ago. They will also continue the celebration of their team winning a Super Bowl, especially after many years. 

Football fans make football a hobby or as must as they are on this earth. Many football fans are left depressed after the seasons are over. People in love with the sport tend to go out and play it with friends, whether it’s in person or on someone’s console.  After the season is over, fans read articles to keep up with a team, see who gets drafted and see what is happening with players, whether new or old. These football lovers would absolutely put anything on the table to have football in their life or make it continue.