Football at Hart faces setbacks as Covid cases rise

With the football season starting off, many players have been taking their practices very seriously. Practices are four times a week, Monday through Wednesday, from 2:30-5:30 p.m. On Thursdays, players get a quick walk through of Friday’s game. On Saturday mornings players come in to watch film, weight lift and condition to work off the soreness from the previous game. 

During practice, players are very focused so that they can listen to their coaches and be able to thoroughly follow the game plan. The team has been working very hard during practices and even has a small squad that helps the team reach their goal of winning the league and playing in the playoffs. 

Hart Football has already participated in two games. The first game took place on August 20 at the COC campus and both JV and Varsity played. JV lost with a score of 21-14, and Varsity lost with a score of 7-20. Even though Hart lost, the student section kept their pride up, cheering them on throughout the game no matter what was happening on the field. The second game took place on August 27 with only Varsity playing that day. Hart won with a score of 61-12  leaving September 3 with a bye week due to covid and started back up, their next game being on September 10.  When it comes to Covid safety, the team is very careful about wearing their masks, when it’s appropriate and following any and all Covid regulations, especially since recent events made them miss one of their games.