Hart Alumni and LA Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer on administrative leave

MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer is on administrative leave due to an ongoing investigation of his misconduct and abuse allegations off the field. His suspension has been extended for the seventh time until September 3 as of August 27, 2021.

Bauer, a nine year veteran of the MLB, recently signed with the Dodgers. An ongoing police investigation and hearings regarding the restraining order against him have forced the MLB to suspend him for two months and may be extended even longer.

As of the writing of this article, the Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t spoken about the allegations and have taken no disciplinary measures. Former Dodgers pitcher and World Series MVP Dave Stewart was disappointed with the organization’s handling of the situation.

“The Dodgers organization that I grew up in under the O’Malley family would never stand for that. The Dodgers should have stepped up in that situation, and they didn’t. You’ve got to have character standards,” said Stewart. 

This story is still developing and Bauer’s status as a Dodger may change in the coming months. With the reigning World Series champion Dodgers approaching the playoffs in October, the result of this case will affect the Dodgers pitching rotation and MLB’s reaction to allegations in the future.