Letter from the ASB President: Chris Stoker


While this certainly hasn’t been a traditional school year, ASB President Chris Stoker and Vice President Camille Dolphin are choosing to stay positive.

Hey Hart! I am extremely excited to be addressing you in such a time of anticipation; our long awaited return to on-campus learning! It has been far too long since any of us have been able to learn in classrooms, and I’m sure that all of you who plan to go back are excited to once again feel the camaraderie of a classroom that is hard to get through a screen (I know I am!). As COVID-19 numbers continue to decline, I implore you all to to be safe, especially in our return to school. Safety will be our number one priority through this transition, and we need the help of everyone in order to keep our campus virus-free. Wow, that’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d have to say. 

Freshmen, I hope you all have minimal difficulty in finding your classes. I recall my days of sprint-walking around campus, schedule in hand, searching for the right classroom. If you’re late once or twice, don’t stress! It happens to everyone. Don’t sweat the small stuff, right? It saddens me that you have not had the opportunity yet to walk the halls of Hart, but I cannot wait to see what your future in high school will bring you. 

Sophomores and juniors, I hope that this return gifts you the tools necessary for success throughout the rest of your high school careers. Despite the fact that most of your secondary education thus far has been via Zoom, there are better days ahead. 

Seniors, this may not be an ideal ending to our four-year ride, but it is the ending nonetheless. We must take this change in stride, and hope for further positive change in the near future. To say that this year has been unprecedented would be an understatement, but we must finish strong. I hope to see all of your mask-covered faces at a potential graduation; fingers crossed!

As for ASB, it is our main goal to make this change as easy and enjoyable as possible for everyone returning to campus. This situation is obviously a first for all of us, so just bear with us while we work out the inevitable kinks. If any of you have suggestions on how to make this restricted return more enjoyable, feel free to reach out to me or any ASB member. We would love to hear your ideas!

Well, that’s all from me. I hope that all of you, in person or online, have a great rest of your school year. Finish strong, we’ve worked too hard not to! While I am beyond disappointed that this year has marred my opportunity to get to know so many of you, it has been my pleasure representing our student body. Stay safe everyone!

Chris Stoker

ASB President