An update on college basketball during the pandemic

College basketball is no different than most sports, but because of COVID-19, all activities for college basketball were paused in the beginning of the pandemic, but now they have progressed with games. 

So far, two games have been postponed. The Nebraska-Penn State basketball game was one of them, the game set for January 30, but changed to be on February 3. The second game that was postponed is UNC Greensboro’s basketball game. The game originally was to take place on the same date as Nebraska-Penn State game but was also changed to February 3 as well. The reason for Nebraska-Penn’s game being postponed is unknown. As for UNC Greensboro’s basketball game, it was postponed due to Covid-19.

A lot of games and activities have been slowed down due to COVID-19. Teams that have been affected and had to be put on pause include, Texas Rio Grande Valley, Monmouth men’s basketball, and Fairfield men’s basketball. But the most recent teams that had to halt all activities are Oregon men’s basketball, Santa Clara men’s basketball and Davidson men’s basketball. 

There has also been a decent schedule change to 2020-2021’s men’s basketball, announced by Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC). This schedule change resulted in many game dates to be changed. Specifically, there have been 90 schedule changes all throughout men’s basketball. For now, there is only one date that has not changed.