Alabama wins 2021 College Football Championship

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every type of sport that exists from golf to baseball to football. This year has been rough on any athlete coming out of high school, going into college, playing in college or even playing professional. The constant requirements of wearing a mask, getting daily tests, social distancing from your own friends and teammates takes a toll on a player. However, somehow the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) was able to pull through, and, by setting strict restrictions, American college football was able to have a season.

However, this season has been very unorthodox because of the cancellation or postponement of games. After half the season, Auburn was third in the ranking with only three games played while the team trailing them in fourth had already played nine. The rest of these games were made up and those restrictions didn’t waiver. There were a few occasions where teams had outbreaks, coaches had to stay at home and coach from the couch or games got postponed.Even with covid and there being setbacks, football was being played and all these aspiring athletes got to have a full season of playing.

There was one thing that seemed similar to previous seasons, however, and that was Alabama taking the National Championship back. Nick Saban, who has been the coach of Alabama for around a decade now, rebuilt his team after a few key players moved on to the National Football League (NFL) like Jerry Juedy and Henry Ruggs III, his two start wide receivers from last season. He has now retaken his throne and it is up to the rest of the teams to try and knock him off.

This season was the clash of the two highest ranked quarterbacks in college football, Justin Fields and Trevor Lawernce. Justin Fields who just transferred to Ohio State was the underdog in this match-up against Trevor Lawrence and the Clemson Tiger. Even the geniuses in Vegas were leaning hard toward Clemson taking the win and even with all these things against them, Fields took the field and won the game for his team.  All the same, even though one quarterback won and the other lost, they both will be moving on to the NFL next year. The question is will Covid play a big part in next season or will everything be back to normal?