The 2021 NFL playoffs have come and gone

NFL Playoffs have arrived. The question stands as it does every season, who will take home the Super Bowl trophy?  

In week one of the AFC we saw the Browns, Ravens and Bills win. In the NFC, the winners were the Rams, Buccaneers, and the Saints. In week two, The Chiefs beat the Browns while the Bills took out the Ravens. Over in the NFC, The Packers beat the Rams and the Buccaneers beat the Saints. The Saints loss could mean a plausible retirement from Drew Brees.

We just wrapped up the NFL season with Tampa beating the Chiefs 31-9. This was a very tough loss for the Chiefs. The Buccaneers defense was unstoppable, while the Chiefs offense didn’t show up at all. With a mix of poor offense and defense provided by the Chiefs, the Buccaneers won with ease. With the win, Tom Brady not only proved that he could win without the Patriots and Belcheck, but he also took home his 7th Super Bowl trophy.

Super Bowl 2021 was the Bucs second Super Bowl win, with their first being in 2003 against the Raiders. Not many expected the Bucs to even make it to the Super Bowl with their previous seasons not being impressive in the slightest. But, with new players comes new opportunities and Brady saw it and took it.