After a delayed season, the Los Angeles Lakers secure the 2020 NBA championship

The first game of the NBA finals took place September 30. The Los Angeles Lakers took their first win of the series with a final score of 116-98. The Lakers success continued with another win over the Miami Heat with a final score of 124-114. However, Miami was able to come back in game three with a 115-104 win over the Lakers, making the series 2-1. In game four the Lakers beat the Heat 102-96. The Miami Heat made yet another comeback beating the Los Angeles Lakers 111-108. Game six, the final game, ended with the Los Angeles Lakers being the National Basketball Association Champions. 

LeBron James strived to become a four-time NBA champion at the age of 35 and did exactly that. The Los Angeles Lakers were led by two dominant all-stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The pair powered through the regular season as they secured the best record in the Western Conference. 

However, the Miami Heat was a forceful team that wouldn’t go down without a fight. The Heat entered the playoffs as the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference, which would have been the lowest seed ever to win the NBA Finals. The Heat had two-star players all-star small forward Jimmy Butler and all-star center Bam Adebayo. At the end of the regular season, Adebayo finished second in the running for the Most Improved Player. Another key part of the Miami team was Tyler Herro. With this phenomenal scoring display, he surpassed Magic Johnson’s effort in the 1980 Finals.

In a new and unfamiliar 2019-20 NBA season that tragically featured the horrific death of Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, an NBA championship means much more than just a trophy to the Lakers organization and fanbase.