How are Hart sports teams training during distanced learning?

Due to Covid-19, the issue surrounding the return of sports has raised some questions. Some worry if, because of Covid, the teams will still perform well with this set back. Which also comes to bring the question: how are athletes conditioning?

Football conditioning will be by meeting on Zoom. They’ll proceed to workout for an hour, and the coach will instruct all the students what to do. He’ll give a demonstration for all the athletes to follow and learn the exercises. Then, they’ll have Chalk Talk, where they go over and watch plays. 

As for softball, they are currently only conditioning over Zoom. The seniors are leading the workouts while their teammates follow. 

As for boys soccer, they have not begun conditioning yet.

Hart is going to start on field training starting the 21st of September. The sports involved are boys and girls volleyball, cross country, competitive cheer and football. These sports will finally be able to meet face-to-face (or mask-to-mask) Although training won’t be on Zoom, rules of social distancing will still apply, like being six feet away from each other, wearing masks and not sharing any water bottles, shoes or shirts.

This could cause problems because needing to be six feet away could prove difficult. For example, if someone does happen to get closer than six feet, it could mess up the whole team and their right to go back to the field.