How Canceled Sports is Affecting Fans

With the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, Major League Soccer and the National Collegiate Athletic Association shuttering operations because of the coronavirus outbreak, what’s a sports fan supposed to do? Will fan passion sustain, peak or disappear?

 Kirk Wakefield, a sports contributor asked a national panel of over 650 fans how they’re reacting. He got all sorts of responses, but, overall, sports fans are at a loss of what to do. 

“With all the bad news and political bickering, sports was my outlet to focus on other things.” said one sports fan.

 “The worst part is the youth sports activities that are being canceled. This is really hard on teenagers.” another sports fan added.

However, with their hearts still dedicated to the game, fans across the country expect to change their routines in the next few months to cope with the loss of their favorite sports. Fans are making major changes in how they spend leisure time, in hopes to find a supplement for not being able to watch their favorite teams and sports. 

The good news is fans of the NBA, the NHL and MLS say they are likely to be at least as passionate, if not more passionate, toward their favorite teams over the next few months. Even better news, not only are the vast majority willing to engage with the team, many are even more likely to respond to team surveys to stay connected.