Sammy Benoit: Swimming during Quarantine


Left to right: Emily Yoon, Sammy Benoit, Eleanor Horst, Alyssa Hamilton, Colette Masino, Maxine Catig, and Hannah Siegel

Sammy Benoit, a sophomore on the Hart varsity swim team, was disappointed when what was supposed to be her first year on the team came to an abrupt end. Her goals of making the A final for league and trying to get her CIF cut in the 100 yard butterfly will have to wait until next season. 

Besides missing swimming during quarantine, Benoit also misses her team. 

 “I’m going to be honest, I’m bummed out that I couldn’t swim with the seniors or with the rest of the team. But I’m also seeing this as a great opportunity to try and stay connected with my teammates,” said Benoit. 

Along with staying in contact with her team, Benoit is also staying active during quarantine. While nothing can perfectly mimic physically being in the water and swimming, there are a few exercises Benoit’s coach has given her that at least somewhat mimic being in the water: 

  1. Dynamic warm-up 

*do each for 30 seconds

  • High kicks
  • Butt kicks 
  • Toe touches
  • Knee tucks
  • Hip turnouts 
  1. 5 rounds, 2 minute rest between rounds:

*first minute only breathing through your nose 

  • 50 fast jump ropes 
  • 15 slow push-ups (can be on knees if needed)
  • 10 slow pull-ups
  • 15 dips (slow on the way down, fast on the way up)
  • 50 fast jump ropes
  1. 3 rounds, 30 second rest between each exercise 
  • 45 second leg raises 
  • 45 second raises to side movement 6 inches of the ground 
  • 45 second flutter kick 
  1. Cool down 

Fortunately for Benoit, she has also been able to swim in her neighbor’s pool as an additional part of her workout to stay in shape during quarantine. 

Looking on the bright side, Benoit is seeing this time as an opportunity to do a lot of goal-setting for next year. When the 2021 season comes around, Bemoit plans to be more competitive than ever in the water. 

“I’m also doing a lot of goal-setting and making sure that I keep a positive mindset so when 2021 rolls around I’ll be better,” said Benoit. 

Other athletes can look to Benoit as an inspiration to keep practicing the sports they love during this uncertain time and to stay in touch with their teammates. Swimmers can also take inspiration from  Benoit’s workout to stay in shape themselves.