Visiting Newhall’s La Charrita

Sandwiched in an alley right off of Main Street lies the best food I have ever eaten — the family-owned Mexican restaurant, La Charrita. The inconspicuous placement may lead some to overlook this restaurant that shares a wall with an insurance office. Don’t let the humble exterior and location fool you though, every bite is a masterpiece. I cry tears of joy with each.

This beautiful little dining spot has been a very important part of my experience at Hart for the last four years. It has amazing vegetarian food, and many options for meat-eaters too, which makes it my absolute favorite place to go to with friends and family. After every good quarter transcript, there was La Charrita to reward me. After every bombed test, there was La Charrita to comfort me. Their beautiful, warm soft tacos with decadent beans and fluffy rice waiting for me inside of the waxen white styrofoam clamshell container.

In celebration of writing this article, I went and got dinner from there. Sixteen dollars for three delicious, bountiful soft tacos isn’t cheap, but this is certainly a reasonable deal given the quality of the food. My go-to order is the ‘3 Tacos Veganos’ with the soy-cauliflower meat alternative. The meaty tenderness of the cauliflower and the delicious slightly sweet, spicy sauce they toss it in makes this filling absolutely delicious. The spectacular cauliflower is lovingly cradled by soft, cloud-like corn tortillas. Alongside the cauliflower is the pico de gallo, crispy purple cabbage and chipotle crema, combined with an amazing cup of freshly made horchata, you have a complete and completely delicious meal. 

If you know me you know I talk a lot about how I can’t wait to leave Santa Clarita, but I will truly miss this restaurant. I will likely lie awake at night in my dorm room and reminisce about the many magnificent meals I ate here.