Issue of the Issue: Lack of Appreciation

Day to day, many have a routine they go through starting from the time they wake up until the time they shut their eyes. Yes, routines are beneficial and keep everyone on a healthy lifestyle, but with the reliance on an everyday schedule, it becomes easy to overlook the little details in life, to stop the appreciation of everyday necessities. 

Throughout the day, there are thousands of things that, if taken the time, we can appreciate such as the flowers along the road to our drive to work, the weather on your ideal day, or the custodian that cleans up your crumbs late into the evening even after you have gone home. 

See if things were to begin slowly disappearing, one thing a day, based on our appreciation for them, how quickly would the vital things, people and inventions in our life disappear from our life? 

It is becoming increasingly common for people to disregard the things in their lives that are so important and shape their life to what it is, what it has become and what will shape it in the future. 

Jobs such as teachers, professors, police officers, librarians and custodians work so hard to shape people’s lives while society as a whole fails to appreciate the job they work tirelessly everyday. 

Sadly, it is so easy for all to take small parts of their day to show appreciation for the things in their life, yet so many fail to do so time and time again. Take this reminder as an opportunity to stop at least once a day to show appreciation for something in your life that you have overlooked before, it is never too late to start.