Student Feature: Hannah Wobrock


Hannah Wobrock, a junior at Hart, exhibits passion for a few different subjects. Her involvement in show choir, knitting and chemistry has made her extremely well-rounded and fulfilled.

Wobrock dabbled in show choir during her time at junior high, but truly committed to her love for the art when she persevered through quarantine her freshman year of highschool.

“I was part of Major Minors, which was the junior high choir,” Wobrock said. “Freshman year was the hard part, because that was right when the pandemic started, so a bunch of people were quitting since it was all online. I would film for hours in my room just so we could edit the clips together. I was willing to put myself through that to get to where I am now. I love performing and all of the fun costumes that come with it.”

Going above and beyond, she even utilizes her fondness of fashion to assist with the props and costumes as well.

“We have a costume crew that is responsible for the props and costumes, so I spend a couple days a week sewing, ironing and rhinestoning,” Wobrock said. “I basically just rifle through our costume bins to make our shows look visually spectacular.”

Although quarantine created challenges for her in show choir, it also gave Wobrock enough time to start knitting her own clothes. She was inspired by content creators on Youtube.

“Well, my grandma taught me to knit, and I picked it up right before quarantine,” Wobrock said. “I had so much time, so I pulled out my needles and yarn. I discovered historical costume channels with Bernadette Banner, Morgan Donner and Abby Cox. Those were the main ones that I watched, and it was these really knowledgeable women making their own clothes. I started looking at knitting patterns and I thought that I had the skill and the time, so I started knitting my own clothes.”

Knitting her own pieces also gives her the opportunity to adhere to her own sense of personal style without worrying about what is popular and being currently sold in stores.

“I found this sweater from an 1897 Victorian magazine and it has the biggest puff sleeves (and I love puff sleeves). So, it was the perfect intersection of history, my fashion style, and knitting,” Wobrock said.

Wobrock was prompted to take AP Chemistry, the science course she is currently enrolled in, after discovering the foundation of her love for science in the past few years.

“I really got into it in seventh grade because that’s when we learned about DNA replication. I did AP Biology my sophomore year and I really enjoyed it. I feel like most people in the class hated it, but I was over there in the corner shaking with joy,” Wobrock said.

But the class itself isn’t even enough to fulfill her desire to learn about the subject, so she stays after class every week to further engage with the curriculum.

“Every Tuesday, I stay after class; usually at least through sixth period, and sometimes until 5:30 pm. I learn some of the topics ahead of time and do extra practice, all basically because I like it,” Wobrock said. “Right now, I have learned the next unit, and the class hasn’t started it yet. That’s what I will be studying over spring break. That one is really fun because it’s electrochemistry.”

“Everyone else in the class knows that I like it, which is when you can tell that you’re really passionate about something,” Wobrock said.

She has made improvements to her work ethic over time, but Wobrock’s own internal passion appears to motivate her to excel in essentially every other subject mentioned too.

“I had to learn better time management because I was a procrastinator my entire life. During quarantine, I had to sit down and put my work in front of me and at least look at it,” said Wobrock. “Then, I started actually being able to do it. I have definitely gotten burned out a couple of times, but I suppose sometimes it’s just the joy that I feel doing these things that keeps me going.”