Scream 6 gives the phrase “welcome to New York” an eerie undertone

Jovanny Zapata, Staff Writer

The Scream series has been a prized cornerstone of the slasher genre. Thus, to say expectations are high whenever a movie comes out would be an understatement. Scream 6 has taken a different route of being the first in the franchise not to have the focus on Sidney Prescott. This is not because they were trying something new; it’s actually due to a disagreement of pay with Sidney actor Neve Campbell.

Scream 6 is set not that far from the events of Scream 2022, with Barrera confirming in an interview that the time gap between the release of Scream 2022 and Scream 5 is about the same as the actual time passed between the events, so over a year has passed. 

The main cast of the film consists of Sam Carpenter, who has become overprotective over her sister and finds herself in a conspiracy claiming she’s the mastermind of the events in Scream 2022. Tara Carpenter, the younger sister of Sam Carpenter, wants life to go on, with Sam’s overprotectiveness stopping her. Kirby Reed, who might seem familiar to the audience because of Scream 4, is now a badass FBI agent who’s here to take down Ghostface. There’s Mindy Meeks-Martin, another veteran from her participation in Scream 2022. There’s some meta humor there with the mentioning of how ridiculous the scenario they’re in, and how it’s like some sort of horror movie. Very original. Lastly, there is Chad Meeks-Martin who has feelings for Tara, which gives the people who’ve seen Scream 2022 flashbacks to his love for Liv and how well that turned out. 

The Slasher hits in, with the first kill being a classic blond that goes into a dark alleyway. Ironically enough, she was a Horror movie professor, a supposed expert on the genre that did not seem to follow up on her lesson plan. A little par for the course happens when her killer, the supposed Ghostface, immediately takes off his mask. It would have been a terrible plot point if it turned out that it was Ghostface, but it’s later revealed that some obsessed weirdo made a cult about Ghostface. The cult meets their God and gets killed, shocker. Guess they never heard the phrase: never meet your heroes.

The choice in turn of scenery from the small town of Woodsboro to New York City was a welcoming one. New York City is an unusual place for a slasher film to take place, but nevertheless. Overall the film was enjoyable to watch; it had an experienced cast and some of the prior Scream cast for nostalgia. I give the movie a 5 out of 5.