Trudeau Found on Biden Laptop

Trudeau Found on Biden Laptop

March 28, 2023,  United States president, Joe Biden, shared his computer screen on a projector in the weekly cabinet meeting, and boy was there a shock! What at first appears like a harmless photo of a male weighing in for a boxing match turns out to be Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!! The meeting was held early Tuesday morning scheduled by the president himself with his cabinet members.

“I was shocked when I learned of the meeting, generally Joe doesn’t do spontaneous meetings. When I entered, I choked on the almonds I was eating when I saw his personal laptop hooked up to the monitor and this picture was displayed.” said Vice President Kamala Harris 

What was supposed to be a confidential meeting has turned into international gossip about why President Joe Biden displayed this photo.  No statements have come from Jusin Trudeau thus far, but he is said to be releasing a statement very soon. 

“You know Joe, always pulling on everyone’s leg haha. He was trying to see if a charity boxing match would help his lackluster ratings. I guess he’s been using this photo of prime minister Trudeau as all around inspiration for the physic he might try to obtain! I thought it was rather endearing hearing his remarks on the matter,” Ms. Harris said when asked about the meeting.

This idea of a boxing match in order to improve ratings has skyrocketed on top social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Meme pages have taken over the idea and have started to create boxing brackets for political leaders. Massive debates have sparked between who would win in a boxing match, Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders?  Joe Biden is trending on all platforms and has seemed to increase his ratings by 10% alone with this stunt.