Borish hospitalizes Gravel

Last Friday March 24, Hart students were interrupted by a large fight during their lunch. A fight at Hart is not totally uncommon, but what was unusual about this particular fight was that it was between two beloved staff members. Greg Borish and Nick Gravel were seen fighting outside the J buildings near the quad area of Hart High School. 

“It was crazy; Borish was bleeding from the nose before he even came out!” said a student witness who wishes to remain anonymous. This was later confirmed by Borish himself,  “Borish was just running as fast as he could, but Gravel was catching up and then… Boom! Gravel was down!” Another student shared that they saw Borish carrying something before Gravel fell.

After speaking to many witnesses and interviewing the staff involved, this fight was much more interesting than meets the eye. Borish agreed to an interview, but Gravel was unable to comment. 

The fight began at the end of fourth period when Gravel stopped in Borish’s room to say hello. He and Borish continued to talk in their usual banter but things got heated when Borish stated that AP Calculus BC was hands-down more difficult than AP Physics C. Gravel seemed to jokingly tell him to take it back, but soon the class became concerned when Gravel began to menacingly approach Borish. 

The bell rang but one student stayed to ask a question and shared that they soon left as quickly as possible. 

“Gravel punched him right in the nose, and Borish went down to the ground,” the witness shared, “Then I booked it out of there, apparently Borish did too, because he was right behind me.” 

Two other witnesses, senior Tim Phan who was sitting with senior Brooke Saaty said that they saw three people running from Borish’s classroom and stop right before they reached the quad. 

“It didn’t seem like a fight at first, but then we saw Borish was bleeding and was holding a bunch of graphing calculators, it was weird,” Saaty said.

“ We’ve talked about who would win in a fight, but this was crazy, Borish just started throwing calculators at Gravel. Let’s be real, Gravel could kill Borish if he wanted to, but Borish was just faster.” Phan was all too eager to share.

      “Those calculators are like bricks,” Borish proudly shared after a brief interview. He claims he was just trying to slow Gravel down, but he hit Gravel a little too hard. Gravel is now taking a few days off to recover from a severe concussion. His concussion was caused by a graphing calculator hitting him so hard in the head that he instantly passed out in front of the large gym. 

“Look, Gravel would destroy me in a fight, but I can run. So, I ran,” says Borish, who now is recovering from a broken nose. He will return to campus after a brief suspension without pay due to campus violence.