The secret truth of Atlantis revealed


Image from Creative Commons

I’ve spent many nights dreaming of Atlantis. Dreaming that I’d be the first to discover this beautiful paradise of a city. I’ve spent years researching this city. Wikipedia, Reddit, several discord chats, youtube documentaries, interrogating sea-life at zoos. 


Last week I was at SeaWorld, San Diego, and I found information that is the most important news I have heard in my entire life. It was this old man talking to his grandson.


“All these dolphins yearn for their home,” he said. I ruminated over his words. Dolphins are connected to Atlantis, and I know this because Atlantis is from the time of Plato. It was a city at the time of Ancient Greece. Now think about Ancient Greek Mythology. Who is the God of the Ocean? Poseidon. What animal is most associated with Posiedon? The Dolphin; AND where is Atlantis? THE OCEAN. 


All these dolphins yearn for their home…they yearn for Atlantis. I wandered to the dolphin section of Sea World and stared deep within the tank. The dolphins were swimming…no, the dolphins were plotting. This was a deep awakening for me. Follow the dolphins and find Atlantis. 


I spent the rest of the week buying scuba gear, under-water cameras, and renting out an exploration boat. How did I manage to do that? One can find many different ways to make money on the internet. ANYWAYS- four days ago I mapped out my voyage and found where the dolphin mating ground was. In Lake Michigan. 


The obnoxious people at SeaWorld told me that there weren’t any dolphins in Lake Michigan. They were liars. Bought and paid for by the government. Which made me realize something much further than I thought I could’ve. The government knows of Atlantis already. America is Atlantis’s second try. Even further than that the government is being controlled by the Atlanteans. 


This truth had me realize that I was too far down the rabbit hole. I was alone on my journey for the truth. I would be outcasted for speaking the truth. 


Lake Michigan is much deeper than we believe it is, because that’s what the Altanteans want us to believe. We fall for fake illusions of dirt rather than the reality that there is a projection being shown, and what we are actually hitting is the glass ceiling of Atlantis. 


My boat drove towards the center of Lake Michigan. I knew below me sat my dream. My destiny. I felt like one of the early voyagers that crossed America to find fortune west. This was my fortune. I teared up for a moment and dressed in my scuba gear. 


I swam to the bottom of the Lake, where I passed by many sunken ships. The victims of Atlantis’s rage. People who flew too close to the sun. I realized I was like Icarus. 


I reached my target destination. There was the dirt floor. I grabbed one of the rocks nearby and smashed it strongly onto the dirt floor. A cloud of dirt flew into the lake and into my goggles. The illusion was trying to distract me but I was fighting through it. 


I kept digging through the dirt. My hands ached and ached as I tore through the lake-floor. Nothing. Just dirt. More dirt.


I slowly floated to the top. How could I have been wrong? How could I not have done the calculations right. 


Now today. I sit here typing my truth. The dolphins deceived me. They hide the truth of Atlantis. 

The only way they can possibly show the way is if they are freed from their prison. The only way to find the truth is to ABOLISH SeaWorld. 


Secret Truth Of Atlantis brought to you by PETA