A Hart Journalism fundraiser actually worked

A new fundraising record has been set. In under two hours, Hart Journalism was able to fundraise two million dollars. That is more than enough money for the program to fund their newspaper for the next several years.

“It was amazing! I never thought it would happen! One minute we were broke and the next we had a mysterious donor offering us two million dollars,” said the Editor in Chief of the Smoke Signal.

The surprising increase in fundraising was the result of an anonymous offer to fund the Smoke Signal that came in on the journalism program’s website, in response to a message the Smoke Signal staff had sent out detailing their desperation for money to fund their newspaper.

“Please donate! We are in debt to ASB and really need the money. We will feature your business in our paper as an ad. Just please donate!” said the message the Smoke Signal posted on their website.

Within 10 minutes, they had a response. A person with the username def_not_suspicious commented on the program’s message with an offer of two million dollars in return for a favor at some future time. The Smoke Signal agreed and an hour later a white van pulled up in front of the school. Two men with ski masks over their faces unloaded two million dollars in cash into the journalism program’s classroom.

“I’ll admit that the way it happened was a little unusual, but I’m sure it will turn out fine. The men are probably just philanthropists or something who wanted to keep their identity a secret,” said an anonymous member of the Smoke Signal staff.