Harry Styles Dies at 29


Image from commons.wikimedia.org

Beloved singer songwriter Harry Styles dies at 29. He reportedly died during a music video shoot that went too far. Details are not yet released but authorities say that Styles’s death was not a murder or assassination. His music killed him but his fans tried to keep him alive…

 Some of his fanbase is publicly mourning in the streets due to the tragic event of Style’s death. Public crying mobs sway in the streets, authorities say that you are never more than 5 feet away from one of the mobs. Faint sounds of “As It Was” was playing in the crowds to make them even more distressed. Majority of teenage girls are grieved beyond imagination and may never recover from the end of Harry’s House concerts. Even environmental changes have occurred as well, such as, rivers of tears and rapid global cooling. Weather experts presume that the current rainy weather came from the loss of Harry Styles.  

The vast majority of Styles’s fanbase known as “Stylers” are outraged at the event. Their obsession with the star has turned them into mobs. These mobs have destroyed cities from New York to California. Other teenage girls are rioting in Washington D.C. to pass the Bring Styles Back to Life Bill. These rioters have also pressured scientists to bring him to life. One of Harry’s obsessive fans said,

“A Frankenstein Harry is better than no Harry. The only reason why Frankenstein wasn’t loved was because he was never like Harry. Frankenstein would have been more loved if he was in one direction when he was alive”

 Hopes and dreams have drifted away for the Stylers. For his remembrance there is currently a statue and monument in the making.The Stylers have pressured all artists to make artwork and statues of Harry all over the globe. The world will never be the same for the Stylers.