Featuring Vinicia Tiscareno

Hart High School has out of this world students by the plenty, but student Vinicia Tiscareno is like no other. She has a strong love for sports, athletics and football, With dreams to be an athletic trainer for a professional football team. Dedicated to this, she’s taken Sports Medicine ever since she was a freshman, and plans to continue until graduation. Vinicia is also the founder and president of the Sports Med club. 

At Sports Med, with her outstanding performance and commitment, she’s earned the respect and admiration of not only her fellow peers, but the instructor of the program, Joshua Masmela.  Masmela, vouches for her excellence and in confidence said she’s one of the best students he’s had.  

Despite facing a major setback in her sophomore year, when she received a critical spinal injury holding her back from playing sports, she stood her ground and continued to become a source of inspiration when she took up the responsibilities of being the team manager of varsity girls’ lacrosse and varsity football.

“I try to challenge myself and get as involved as possible,” said Tiscareno. With the addition of the involvement with Sports Med, Vinicia is also a proud member of the Filipino by Association club, Bible club and Young Americans for Freedom club, as well as being a part of the student body and taking multiple honors classes such as Honors Math, Honors Body System and Disorder and Honors Athletic Training.

In a nutshell, Vinca Tiscareno is the perfect image of what an outstanding student is. Passionate for her dreams and having dedication to carry through, it’s clear she’s making a positive impact at Hart High and will continue to excel beyond high school.