Hart High School Sees Snow

March 1 2023, snow, for the first time in years, fell at Hart High School. It was a once in a lifetime experience to say the least. Students were sitting in fourth period like any other day when suddenly the news broke that it was snowing; students were running into classrooms to alert other classes. Immediately, everyone got up from their seats, halted whatever they were doing and ran outside. 

To anyone who isn’t a California native, all the commotion about snow that didn’t even stick on the ground may seem silly. But Hart  junior Alexis Lopez witnessed the rare weather phenomena  during her fourth period English class with Mr. Warda and shared with me her experience. 

“I was sitting in my class and suddenly everyone started to run outside and it turned out it was snowing. Mr. Warda saw how excited we all were and paused class so we could go outside and experience the snow,” said Lopez.  

Snow in Santa Clarita had been happening periodically throughout the week in certain parts of the city. Places like Castaic and Saugus saw the most snow. Newhall barely got any snow because of its lower elevation, making the surprise flurry all the more exciting. 

Lopez recalled the first time she saw snow in the Santa Clarita Valley.

“The first time I saw snow here I was six or so. I was shocked because I was always told that living in Southern California meant warm weather all year round,” Lopez said. 

Hart students will always remember the time it snowed at school in Southern California.