Mr. Koebel and Basketball: A Love Story


Hart assistant basketball coach, Mr. Koebel, has a very intimate relationship with the sport. He began playing when he was young, but quit because he was disadvantaged as the youngest player on his team. He picked the sport back up in grade 6 because his height had increased dramatically. He soon fell in love with the game.

Koebel mentioned that the pace was the quality most admirable to him about the game. As a child with ADHD, other sports couldn’t hold his attention like basketball could. He also expressed that he has learned to love the camaraderie of the sport.

Koebel has too many basketball related stories to even get into.

“Most people like to hear about our playoff run to the CIF finals back in 2005. Considering that was almost 20 years ago, it seems like a piece of history now,” he said.

Even when Koebel stopped playing the game as much himself, he still felt an obligation to be involved with it somehow. That is when he decided to become a coach.

“When I stopped playing, I was not ready to leave the game and thought I could continue to contribute to it. Over the years it has become about the opportunity to experience the game with the players,” said Koebel.

Now he gets to enjoy the game from a different perspective. After 20 years of coaching here at Hart, he feels blessed with such an opportunity to do so.

Koebel’s story goes to show that bald people can do anything that haired people can.