British PM Sunak’s life before entering Downing Street



Image from Wikimedia Commons

Rishi Sunak, a member of Parliament (MP) from the town of Richmond, has been selected by a majority of his fellow conservative MPs to become Great Britain’s next Prime Minister. Sunak’s rise to power marks a historic moment for Great Britain, as Sunak is the first Prime Minister of color and the first Prime Minister to be a practicing Hindu.

Sunak is the son of Punjabi immigrants, having deep family ties to modern-day Pakistan and India. Sunak attended both Oxford and Stanford University, graduating from Oxford with a focus on Philosophy, Politics and Economics and Stanford with a master’s degree in Business Administration. During his time at Stanford, Sunak met his future wife, Akshata Murty, the daughter of Indian billionaire N. R. Narayana Murthy.

Sunak began his professional career in 2001, joining the investment bank Goldman Sachs as an analyst. Sunak eventually left Goldman Sachs in 2003, working for many different hedge fund firms between 2003 and 2015. 

October 2014, Sunak won a seat in the British Parliament. Sunak strongly supported the BREXIT movement, which called for Great Britain to leave the European Union. This strong support of the BREXIT movement would result in his promotion to Finance Minister under the administration of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Sunak eventually ran against Liz Truss to succeed Johnson, with Truss being chosen by a majority of Conservative Party members to serve as the next Prime Minister. Truss’s short tenure as Prime Minister paved the way for Sunak’s ultimate rise to power.