Strange World: why it bombed at the box office

Jovanny Zapata, Staff Writer

Strange World was universally received with negative reviews, even losing approximately  147 million USD for Disney. The common fault that the audience finds is with its children being taught about the LGBTQ+ community early in their life.

Failures are opportunities to learn, and Strange World was an apocalyptical failure for Disney. This is a major problem because of how poorly this turned out. Who’s to say Disney would churn out another diverse film, ultimately leading to entertainment companies being discouraged from making films concerning the involvement of  LGBTQ+ characters. If it weren’t for this, it would have been as successful as the rest of the Disney films.

Although many would factor the failure of the film to its lackluster quality, it cannot be denied several factors play into it. Strange World can’t play in Russia and China whether it’s due to tension, or the censorship of LGBTQ+ characters. Already losing out on two major markets of income for the film, Strange World is also banned in Malaysia, Indonesia and every middle eastern country.

The movie’s plot is simple, which wasn’t the problem; many extremely successful films have a one-and-done plot like Encanto, a commercial success. The animation wasn’t the problem either, however, it’s boasting of inclusivity and of having a queer lead definitely attracted hostility and closed off the film from featuring in non-inclusive households and several countries.