Hart remembers Larry Fiscus

Image from Noah Maradiga

Image from Noah Maradiga

September 10, 2022, Hart High School gathered in the campus gym in memorium of the late Larry Fiscus.

The event opened with a small and impactful statement by principal D’Autremont. In said statement, D’Autremont expressed his appreciation for all of the attendees, including Larry’s family, former students, football players; all of whom attended the memorial. The words spoken by all of the guests who volunteered to speak beautifully captured Larry’s charming and humbling personality through wholesome storytelling. Additionally, Principal D’Autremont shared his various experiences of eating lunch with Larry during lunch breaks.

Larry’s relationship with the Hart football staff was unbreakable – from the sense of humor that he was known for, to how much information he could accurately store in his head; which is unparalleled to others. A moment of silence was held for Larry, as shown in the picture below. 

A video by Max Mckeon (class of 2022) was also played during the memorial. In the video, Max recalls a handful of witty memories with Larry and his family. 

A few coaches volunteered to speak in honor of Larry, one of whom was Coach Herrington. According to Herrington, Larry wasn’t just someone that he worked alongside with, but he was also a friend, better yet, a brother. When Coach Herrington spoke his heartwarming remarks about Larry, the audience went silent, though not intentionally, they were met by an overwhelming sense of grief.