Letter To My High School Self: Ms. Ross


Image from harthighschool.org

Dear Cynthia,


This is your future self. I know it sometimes feels like your life isn’t your own right now. Mom working all day and dad working nights, means taking care of your little sister after school. It means making sure errands are run. And all that means no extracurriculars for you after school. I know this has always been a difficult one for you, but there are some options out there to get involved in the time you do have during your school day. Go talk to your math teacher at brunch and get that extra help we both know you need. Look at the schedule of upcoming games and talk with mom and dad about which ones you could stay after school to watch. Let your best friend drag you to that club at lunch. You’re going to love it and it will lead to you working on a Rose Parade float. 


Speaking of friends, some will come and some will go. Some will hurt when they leave, while others will be a slow distance. It won’t be anyone’s fault, just a factor of time and growth as you both figure out who you are. And then there will be some that stay. Those two best friends you met freshman year, they are your people. It doesn’t matter the distance or what circumstances look like, take comfort that you will always be in each others’ lives.


But the thing I want you to remember most is that everything will be ok. You won’t figure out what you want to do until a year and half into college. (Spoiler alert: it brings your right back here to your alma mater.)  There will be challenges ahead and heartache and loss, but there will also be a lot of success and laughter and love. You will travel (a lot) and build a life you are proud of. Your life will be your own and you will find your place in the world. 


People say life has a way of working out, but that’s not really it. You have a way of working out. You’ve never been given a challenge you couldn’t handle, and you have always risen to the occasion. Even when you didn’t think you could, you always found the strength. Trust that strength and your confidence in who you are. They won’t steer you wrong.