“Marry Me” is an Oscar-worthy movie

  Jennifer Lopez, the Puerto Rican queen and actress starred in the latest movie, Marry Me along with Owen Wilson and Maluma. J.L.O., the one who can do it all, even created an album for the movie featuring songs with Maluma. That said, the amazing singers and actresses definitely have my vote on a win at the Oscars. Lopez has amazing songs, movies and let’s not forget her outstanding performances. Not to mention, Maluma is one of the biggest male superstars in Latin music. These two together are a work of art. Some of Latin America’s biggest singers came together to create this project: a romance comedy movie. Additionally, Owen Wilson has been in major hit movies. Having these three big celebrities in a movie together…with romance…like, come on now. 

Everyone has got to love at least one romance movie. 

This movie brings out emotions, whether it’s memories of getting cheated on, finding love at a first site or, even the future prospect of getting your happily ever after. Marry Me isn’t just a romance movie; it’s a good family film. It’s a good conversation starter: how did the romance between Kat and Charlie come to be?. 

And the best part of all the movie was released February 11, 2022, days before Valentine’s Day, when people want to get spoiled with teddy bears, chocolate and love. Additionally, watching Marry Me explores themes  of love, emotions and second chances. Marry Me is not just a great movie but also has catchy songs about issues ranging from love to betrayal. If you just got dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend, J.L.O. and  Maluma, created the Marry Me album to help your broken heart. Marry Me is Oscar-worthy it has everything an audience can want and depicts experiences we can relate with. Not to mention it also has a talented cast.