Kanye West makes headlines with new social media activity

Kanye West has recently made headlines due to his social media activity. West has been acting out on Instagram as a result of his recent divorce from Kim Kardashian and her new romance with Pete Davidson.

Kanye has been posting a lot about Davidson’s past controversies in an attempt to smear his image and make people see him for “what he truly is.” He’s also attempted to shed light on his current relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Kanye has stated in numerous posts that he is not permitted to visit his children and that Kim refuses to co-parent with him. Kim has chosen to remain silent on the subject. Kanye has also made multiple comments at Davidson, but Davidson hasn’t let his reputation be ruined without defending himself, with his most recent response to Kanye being, “I’m in bed with your wife.”

 This situation is harmful to everyone because of Kanye’s communication style, which has led many of his admirers to question his mental health and overall stability. It is the hope of many that Kanye will soon receive the advice and assistance he requires to navigate this new era of his life.