California switches to aesthetically pleasing traffic lights

California traffic has been far too destructive to the natural eye. Unpleasant features needed to go away. For centuries, accidents have happened and it was all because of the color of the traffic lights. Recently our state council discovered this problem and on March 4, 2022, the request got accepted and the state is now going to change every traffic light in California to the most pleasing colors. The three colors chosen are fairy pink, pale turquoise and periwinkle. Ballet Slipper pink is not allowed!

 If any cities are reported keeping the old lights, the whole town will be put under arrest. Also, if they are found using colors, not to the exact requirement they will get fined and be forced to wear clothes in the required colors, even when sleeping. If your friends or neighbors are showing any sign of rebelling against these new rules please report them immediately for the good of our eyes.

Companies are highly encouraged to get buildings painted in complementary colors like daffodil and fern. Our state is just trying to make an eye-pleasing and happy place to live in and look at. Unlike popular opinions, politics was never the issue, the issue is and was always aesthetics. Finally, our society is changing for good and this change will bring peace among the people.