Zelensky to focus on his modeling career

More than a month into the Russian Ukraine crisis, President Volodymyr Zelensky has decided to not fight back, and instead take on his modeling career headstrong. Since February 24, Zelensky has left Ukraine at the hands of his trusted defense system and started his all new world tour with his modeling passion.
He already made a whopping ten grand by breaking and entering modeling agencies. It seems like the CEOs will gladly take in the president in hopes of boosting their viewability across the board.
“I can wear a plastic bag and they’ll love it,” Zelensky says, “I can use the money from this to help my own country.”
The president does in fact want to use this money to help bring his country back together, though even though Russia may be taking over Putin will never take over Zelenksy’s fabulous strut. 

As of now Zelensky’s has successfully broken and entered almost all of the world’s modeling agencies and never gotten arrested. He plans on crossing the border between Mexico and California (illegally) to get to Santa Monica, so get your tickets early to see the breathtaking president walking down the catwalk.