Beloved Hart history teacher announces his retirement

Beloved Hart teacher “tricky” Jim Ozella announced his shock retirement from teaching today after eighty three years on the job. Jim Ozella started teaching on September 3, 1939 in a one room schoolhouse in rural Illinois. Coincidentally, the same day Germany declared war on the United Kingdom starting the second world war. In 1947, Mr. Ozella decided to walk across the country to start a new life in California. 

Once he arrived in California, Mr. Ozella landed a job working right here at Hart High School. Ozella soon took charge of the Baseball team, a position he has held since. 

While coaching the Baseball team, Ozella would meet an up and coming politician, Richard Nixon. Nixon was immediately impressed with Mr. Ozella’s intelligence, wit and incredible sense of humor and he asked Mr. Ozella to join the future president’s inner circle. Ozella’s support of Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign was crucial in getting Richard Nixon elected. However, Ozella’s efforts to win the reelection campaign saw him mastermind the infamous Watergate scandal. 

After Nixon’s fall from grace in the early 70’s, Mr. Ozella once again tied up his running shoes and made another trip across the country to his beloved Hart Baseball team. Whilst coaching Hart’s team, Ozella cultivated world renowned talent such as Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle. Mr. Ozella has held on to coaching and teaching ever since.


From All of Us here at the distress signal,

Happy Trails Mr. Ozella! Just remember to not put the cart ahead of the horse.