New dress code enforced for roughly half of the Hart student body

Hart High School will be changing the girls’ dress code alone to only allow potato sacks. This change will become enforced starting April 1st, 2022.

To keep the learning environment comfortable and appropriate for the men in the school, girls will be expected to cover their ankles and are also being strongly encouraged to cover up their arms as well. The main purpose is to push the avoidance of girls’ possible flaunting of any inappropriate parts such as shoulders and wrists.

Luckily the district has been so kind as to allow a variety of different potato sack apparel! Alongside the regular potato sack, they are now offering upgrades to footsie potato sacks, turtleneck potato sacks, and potato sack hoodies. 

 With this new change, the school understands that with girls wearing potato sacks, they will be hopping everywhere. Thus, the school will be adding an extra minute to each passing period so girls can get to their classes on time and focus on their studies.