Hart student parking lot to accommodate bizarre student parking habits

Monday, March 14, Hart High School announced the expansion of its lower back parking lot. The parking lot, which has seen some recent renovations within the past couple of years, continues to be ever-changing. To accompany the abundance of staff and students with cars, the school has found a way to ensure safety and practicality. 

The parking lot will accompany twice as many cars as before. From now on, students are permitted to park along the gate, where the red emergency vehicle lane is. The fire and police departments have been notified of this change and are permitted to drive over the cars parked along the red line, in the instance of an emergency. Additionally, students can park in nonexistent spaces at the end of each row. There is no limit to how many cars can be parked at the end of each row. The school acknowledges that this may result in cars being parked up against classrooms; however, administration has made it clear that the parking lot will fit as many cars as needed. The final change states that students can park bumper to bumper with other cars in the lot. With these new rules, the expansion of the lower lot will ensure students are safe and close to campus. Students will no longer have to worry about the walk from the upper lot to the lower lot. 

“Each day, I fear for my life. It seems that no one knows how to drive around here. I’m just trying to walk down the hill and to class, but instead, I’m maneuvering in and out of reckless drivers for a good seven minutes,” said junior Avery Tracy. 

Allowing more people to park in the lower lot, Hart is ensuring that kids are a short minute away from their classes. Kids no longer have to worry about the dangers that accompany the long trek from the upper lot to the lower lot.