Elon Musk unveils plans to continue construction of new theme park, despite opposition

As we all know, the business magnate Elon Musk is trying to build his own Jurassic Park. 

“Just imagine being able to have dinosaurs running around next to kids and pregnant women. Sounds like a dream to me!”, said Musk, in a recent interview with FOX News.

Musk said his project is aimed to start in the year 2030. To make all of this possible, he hired a very large team of scientists to help him track down the locations of dinosaur fossils in Siberia.

With the recent crisis that has erupted between Russia and Ukraine, Musk’s research has been halted by the Russian government, but Musk said he has a solution for that. 

“Putin? Oh, that’s my guy, I got him a yacht a few years ago, his wife thinks I’m really funny. Don’t know why the guy decided to stop my project, but I’ll have to give him a call to see if we can continue with our research, you know? ‘Cause dinosaurs are vital for human evolution, more important than some political kerfuffle..” 

It seems that  Musk has this plan under control. Many people were doubting the fact that Musk would ever be able to achieve his dream of creating the first real Life Jurassic Park, but he claims to already have some dinosaurs running around and roaming in some jungles in Madagascar.

Many have expressed their anger towards Musk’s new project, citing all six Jurassic Park movies as evidence that this only has the potential to go wrong. Musk has refused to speak on any of these claims.