The Property Brothers announce their engagement

Another unexpected thing to grace us at the beginning of 2022 is the engagement announcement of Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, everyone’s favorite dynamic duo who absolutely dominates HGTV in their show Property Brothers.

 Why all this traction behind their engagement? It might be the similar last names or the title of their show that create such controversy, emphasizing that they’re related. Not the sorta loose term “brotha” that can be used for friends, but biological twins. 

With such constricting laws the property brothers are planning to have their wedding in Belgium, a tribute to their favorite waffles they ate growing up together! They announced that their wedding will be open to the public, some speculate this tactic because of the enormous amounts of people unfollowing them on Instagram and close relatives publicly denouncing them. Even the folks from Love it or List it made a statement about not condoning the actions of the Scott brothers. Twitter has erupted with jokes such as “when you use instead of tinder” absolutely dragging the new couple. Their childhood friend, Michael Bublé will be acting as the priest, and later in the evening provide a concert for those in attendance. The wedding is even gaining momentum on Belgium’s list of top 10 things to do this summer!