Marvel’s confusing Multiverse could lead to it’s own demise: column from the Arts & Reviews editor

Benedetta Daugereau, Arts and Reviews Editor

The Marvel Multiverse is a great idea to bring back old characters everyone loved, but it also causes problems for future movies. It brings the possibility of taking characters from too many timelines and ruining the whole MCU. 

The problems that could ensue from this decision could be multiple attacks countered with unreasonable attacks. A villain could be introduced with a gun, and the protagonist could find another version of himself from a different universe that has bulletproof skin. The villain could then bring another weapon and the protagonist could bring another counter from another universe to stop the villain. This could keep going on for a long time, to the point where it would only be a battle of wits. Which character can bring a new idea fast enough without the opponent able to bring a counter in time to protect them.

Another problem with this multiverse is that if any marvel movies flopped, the producers could recreate it differently to make it better and just say that it happened in a different multiverse. Too many paths would be created and sooner or later Marvel wouldn’t be able to keep up. 

Not only would it bring this kind of chaos to the multiverse, but there would also be the problem of old characters coming back. With a multiverse there is a possibility that some of the superheroes that died in the past come back, and the fanbase might want to see some heroes return that the directors won’t bring back. This idea of a multiverse would become so chaotic that it might drive some marvel fans away from the fanbase. Maybe the idea of a multiverse would be best left at rest.

But the producers love the idea of a multiverse. It gets everyone thinking of all the possibilities. It makes people think of all the “if’s”. Sooner or later though, Marvel will have to come to an end. They already predicted this in one of their series “What If…?”. In the eighth episode named “What if… Ultron Won?” Ultron finds out about the Watcher and tries to find him. The watcher tells him it is impossible, but Ultron mentions “…anything is possible in a multiverse.” Because of all the endless possibilities, the MCU will end because it isn’t possible for all of these universes to clash and still work. All it takes is one villain to find the Watcher or one villain to go in other universes and find the infinity stones and restart infinity war all over again. There are endless possibilities as to what could happen with the multiverse, and none of them will end well.