The history of John F Kennedy conspires is revealed

JFK has managed to remain relevant years after his death, and many consider him to be the most iconic president in American history. Perhaps it’s his good looks, his infidelity scandals, or maybe it’s the rumored curse that has surrounded his family for decades… The Kennedy Curse.

It all began with Rosemary Kennedy, sister to JFK. Rosemary began to have extreme mood swings while she was in her twenties. Rosemary’s father, Joseph Kennedy, had her lobotomized without her family’s knowledge. Rosemary’s lobotomy went horribly wrong, and she was left with the cognitive capabilities of a 2-year-old, and she lost the capacity to walk and talk.

Joe Kennedy, John’s older brother and a member of the US Naval Reserve, was on his plane in 1944 when an explosive the plane was carrying detonated prematurely, killing John and destroying his aircraft.

In 1948, John’s sister Kathleen Kennedy was in a private plane on her way to visit her father when the plane got caught in strong turbulence and disintegrated, killing Kathleen and the other three people on board.

In 1963, Jackie Kennedy, wife to JFK, gave birth to a baby boy who they named Patrick. Patrick died of hyaline membrane disease 39 hours after birth. JFK and Jackie Kennedy had already had a miscarriage and a stillbirth. JFK was assassinated a few months later.

In 1968, Robert Kennedy, nephew to JFK, was also assassinated.

In 1969, Ted Kennedy, JFK’s younger brother, was driving with Mary Jo Kopechne when the automobile went over a bridge and into water.  Ted managed to get away, but Kopechne did not. Ted was arrested and charged with fleeing the scene, and he served two months in prison and had his license suspended for 16 months.

In 1973, JFK’s nephew, Ted Kennedy Jr. was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer and had to have his leg amputated.

In 1984, David Kennedy, JFK’s other nephew, was so distraught by his father’s assassination that he turned to drugs.  He died of a drug overdose not long after.

In 1999, JFK’s son John Kennedy Jr. was flying in a plane to attend a relative’s wedding when the plane crashed and he died.

In 2020, Maeve Kennedy, niece to JFK went missing with her eight-year-old son while they were canoeing. Their bodies were found later.

Some believe they really are cursed, whereas others argue everything that has happened to them has been exaggerated by the media and a result of their wealth. It is also to be noted that JFK’s father raised his family to be “risk takers.”