Student mental health still suffering more than a semester after students return to campus

Mental health is a big topic finally being addressed in recent years, especially with Covid causing such drastic changes in everyone’s day-to-day life. More specifically, a focus has been drawn to students’ mental health. 

The switch from online to in-person has definitely taken a toll on most people. The days and work decreased online, so to jump right into full days and more work can be a lot. 

Not only does the work begin to pile up, but those in sports become more anxious with how much time they spend at practice and trying to get into a routine of sports again. It takes a lot of patience and determination to balance it all.

Students’ level of energy and concentration are definitely impacted because of the shortened days. Online classes cut school days nearly in half. Now, the days go until around three which can certainly drain a student and affect their work style. Typically, the work isn’t over at three either considering the amount  of homework they must also keep up with as well.

There is also the dreaded social aspect of going from almost complete isolation to being thrown into different classes with over 30 students around each other. This can be overwhelming and be a big factor contributing to a student’s stress.

With students in such big social settings and trying to adapt, school life can become tough, finding the right time to ask questions and get help.

Having a positive mindset can be hard for a lot of people under stress, so enforcing it in classrooms and around friends can and will impact the minds of a lot of people.

Overall, there is a lot going on in everyone’s life and it is important to know you can reach out for help and offer that same help to those around you.